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"Old world techniques, handcrafted pastas, biodynamic beer & wines."

Fine dining in a casual atmosphere right on Columbia Street.

Location and hours of operation

Mon Closed
Tue-Thurs 5pm-10pm
Fri 5pm-11pm
Sat-Sun 11am - 3pm for Brunch
                  5pm - 11pm for Dinner

Customer Testimonials

Jodi Ford

The handmade pastas are perfect, and the portions are just right… I can eat one of the delicious starters,  finish every tiny morsel from my pasta course and be so satisfied without feeling stuffed.  The techniques and flavors are so well developed but never feel pretentious at all, each dish is inventive and delicious with the goal of making you clean your plate completely.  And I do.  Every time.  Great neighborhood spot, with food that is far better than anything else we’ve got here on Columbia Street.

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